ZiP™ Belt Clip
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ZiP™ Compatible Accessories
ZiP™ Compatible Accessories
ZiP™ uses 10/22® Mags… you already own… even the new BX-25
Picture to show the placement of the Ruger® BX-1 Magazine.

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ZiP™ Belt Clip

ZiPFactory's answer to a holster for ZiP.22 Semi-Auto is a wide belt clip big enough for web belt or backpack or pocket-!

Simple screw attachment with supplied extra length (2) screws- drop on secure and simple. A durable custom crafted nylon to fit the contours of your ZiP - becomes another gripping surface yet does not add bulk. Internal ribbing grips to belt/pocket or backpack strap and the external scoop nose feature ensures quick "slide on and off" use. Remember to always engage the ZiP cross bolt safety First! (Red means live!) before using ZiP Belt Clip. Follow all commonly accepted firearms safety when carrying any firearm in the field or at the range.

ZiP Belt Clip - MSRP $19.99, Now on sale for only $15.99 on until August 31, 2014.  

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ZiP Belt Clip
ZiP Belt Clip
ZiP Belt Clip
ZiP Belt Clip
ZiP Belt Clip
ZiP Belt Clip
ZiP Belt Clip

Upgrade for Ruger BX-25 Magazine
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What Can ZiP™ Do? - A Lot!
ZiP with New Action Hold Back and Belt Clip attached.

ZiP™ with New Action Hold Back and Belt Clip attached.

ZiP Gun with optional accessories

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ZiP Mag ZX-30
ZiP with ZiPPic Rail
ZiP with ZiPNite Rail
ZiP with ZiPSBR Rail
BattleZiP shown in storage position.
BattleZiP™ shown in storage position.
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